Efesto network for companies

Diversified and professional skills, one reference person

Efesto guarantees that it can respond to any request in the scientific field: from inorganic chemistry, to semiconductor physics, to photovoltaics, etc..

It is an ambitious promise that demands high-level sectorial expertise in the most diverse subjects, but we are confident that we can meet it.

Thanks to the Efesto network, a network of high-level researchers and specialists working in numerous research centers both in Italy and in Europe, Efesto is able to bring together skills that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

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How to benefit from the Efesto network

Efesto thinks at it all.

When we get a request that requires the use of the network, Efesto activates all necessary resources.

During the consulting process, Efesto manages every formal aspect and ensures that every service is carried out according to the usual high standards, taking care of the quality and clarity of communication as in any other project.

There really is no simpler way to get consulting, but this is not all.

Thanks to its structure, Efesto is one of the few realities in Italy able to compose teams with multidisciplinary and transversal skills. No request is left unresolved.

Benefits for companies

A single reference

No need to spend days in market research or consulting. Efesto thinks at it all, your only reference point for every scientific question. An open and transparent communication channel to keep you always updated on progress.

Quick execution

Efesto is able to frame every issue in its real context. We can go in one sure hit, immediately identifying the best consultant. Finally an efficient technology transfer.

Ease of management

The contractual relationship is always and only with Efesto, without the need to continuously add new suppliers from the purchasing department, nor to negotiate the conditions for each of them.

Quality assurance

Efesto ensures that its corporate values are also respected when consulting with its network. There is no safer way to be sure that the information obtained from the consultancy is really useful.

Respect of deadlines

Efesto takes great care to ensure that its services are completed in the time required by the client's business. Relationships with network consultants are not excluded and deadlines are always respected.

Professionalism and expertise

Relying on unsuitable consultants involves onerous costs and the risk of project failure. Efesto guarantees access to professional consultants by reviewing deliverables to ensure the highest quality at all times.

case studies


Assessment on filtering power…

Assessment of the filtering capacity of sands before their introduction…

Drafting of R&D project…

Writing of the draft of an R&D project, with identification…

Fuel cell power plant

Report containing all the scientific, technical, economic and environmental indications…


From a formal point of view, how is the relationship with the network consultant?

Formally, the customer's relationship only takes place with Efesto. This is aimed at simplifying the provision of the service as much as possible, so that the customer, by entering into a single contract, or by sending a single purchase request, can enjoy each service without additional complications. This means that the purchasing department must add and validate only one service provider (i.e. Efesto), that it is possible to obtain advice even from persons without a VAT number, that regardless of the number of consultants involved, the relationship is agreed and takes place only with Efesto. The conditions under which each consultant performs his or her work are agreed privately by Efesto with the consultant. This also makes it extremely simple to form pools of consultants to find answers to questions of particular complexity, as Efesto takes care of all the formal part.

How can a company exploit the Efesto network?

Generalizing, the requests that come to Efesto can be divided into two categories according to their character: general or specialized. Those of a general nature, which require a broad knowledge of the technological panorama, are carried out internally by the Efesto team, which boasts among its strengths the ability to move easily in very different fields. The specialized ones, on the other hand, require an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, knowledge that is not always available within Efesto. Should this need arise, Efesto will propose the possibility of relying on the network during the negotiation phase of the service with the client. The formula is flexible, and adapts to the circumstances. The intervention of the network consultant can only be a part of the package of services offered, as the main component. Depending on needs, the network consultant's relationship will only be with Efesto, which will use its work to provide its services, or there may be direct contact between the client and the network consultant. In any case, Efesto guarantees that its own high standards of service will also be maintained in its relations with the consultant, in particular with respect to timing, clarity of communications and accuracy of the information provided.

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