Become part of a large scientific services project

Efesto aims to become a reference point in the field of research and development services in chemistry, physics and materials technology. To this end, the company is expanding its network of professionals in order to be able to provide high-level consultancy in any field required.

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The freedom to work at your own pace

Consulting is a sector in evolution and represents an important opportunity for those who have cultivated years of study and experience of relevant skills. Through Efesto Innovation we want to give everyone the opportunity to carry out consultancy, without the need to open a VAT number and avoiding all tasks related to accountants, labour consultants, taxes and contributions.

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Less bureaucracy

Efesto takes care of drawing up the contracts and managing each dossier with the end customer. It also guarantees you legal protection and tax support.

A secondary income

Consulting with Efesto allows you to round up your monthly income, simply by taking advantage of the knowledge you already have.

The security of a Team

Consulting can be disorienting for those who have only worked in research. With Efesto, there is the certainty of having protection and advice for this type of work.

Flexible working

The required commitment is flexible, and also adapts to other work commitments. You choose when and how much time to spend on each project.

More business contacts

Efesto is a collector of requests. Partner companies require specialist advice that, outside the network, would be difficult to reach.


What kind of relationship will I have with Efesto Innovation?

The association to Efesto Innovation consists in accepting and signing the modalities in which the consulting services can be provided. Until a real consulting project begins, there is no direct or dependent relationship between Efesto Innovation and the consultant. In case a consultancy is required, Efesto Innovation will draw up two separate contracts, one with the client for the consultancy and one for the consultant, who will be hired on a project basis. Under this last contract, the consultant will receive his or her consulting fee. If the client decides to undertake future relationships with Efesto Innovation separately from the consulting activity, Efesto Innovation will pay the consultant a percentage premium for the first few years.

How can I get clients for my consulting business?

In two ways: through personal contacts, or directly from Efesto Innovation. Each consultant has the opportunity to search independently for his or her clients and involve his or her contacts in his or her activity, in this case Efesto Innovation acts exclusively as an intermediary between client and consultant, taking care of all formal and bureaucratic issues. In addition, Efesto Innovation continuously receives requests for projects and consulting from interested companies for its activity: if these requests cannot be fully satisfied by Efesto Innovation employees, the company will directly contact the consultants who have given their availability.

What are the advantages of joining Efesto Innovation?

By collaborating with Efesto Innovation you will be able to carry out consultancy without having to worry about opening a VAT number or managing your financial or social security position. In this way you can do consulting even if you already have another job. We think this is a new opportunity for many professionals who would also like to do some consulting on a personal basis, but cannot open a VAT number for other constraints or because with a few services per year it would not be worth it. Moreover, this way you will also be able to join the Efesto Innovation network and in this way receive work from the companies that Efesto Innovation finds in its normal activity.

How are the subsequent relationships between the client and Efesto Innovation regulated?

In principle it depends on the structure of the specific project. In the case of a consultancy carried out directly at the end customer's premises, Efesto ensures that the quality standards that the company is committed to guaranteeing are respected, but the relationship between consultant and customer is direct without any particular filters. More complex projects, including the interaction of several consultants, or relations between consultants and Efesto's internal team, see the company present in a greater way even with project management functions.

What duties do I have towards Efesto Innovation at the time of the association?

None, the association is just to make yourself available. Neither the regular performance of activities as a consultant is required, nor is the consultant required to accept the projects proposed by Efesto Innovation. We want ours to be an extra opportunity that gives freedom to those who want to do consulting, not a constraint.


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