Partnerships in R&D

Efesto R&D activities

Efesto invests in innovation

As part of its business, Efesto manages a research and development part with its own funds. This activity is aimed at developing intellectual assets of interest to the industry in the near future, with the aim of developing patents and intellectual property and possibly attracting funding for the continuation of activities.

The experimental activity is carried out in collaboration with other research bodies, with a view to public-private partnership, in order also to enhance the excellence that the Italian university is able to provide.

Partnerships in research projects

Efesto is available to evaluate partnerships for participation in European and local financing projects, should they fall within the company’s areas of interest.

The company has a consolidated experience in drafting project proposals, and can assume coordination functions as well as carry out part of the research and development activity.

Research fields

Efesto is currently involved in financing various projects in the field of innovative materials.

A research line is active in the field of energy transition and new power-to-gas technologies, aimed at obtaining liquid or gaseous fuels starting from renewable energies.

A second line of research looks at catalysis for the degradation of polluting gases, through the development of innovative materials capable of increasingly minimizing the impact of atmospheric emissions on the environment.