We create your start-up

Top-down creation of start-ups and business units

With Efesto entrepreneurs can access new sectors in record time

Efesto has extensive experience in creating new innovative economic activities. Thanks to us, entrepreneurs and companies can accesso new technological sectors in record time without the need for prior experience.

We are able to create start-ups from scratch that operate in sectors considered strategic by the investor. We allow you to develop and bring to market targeted technologies with high market interest.

The “top-down” character in our work method sees us starting from a goal defined by the client. Then we build a conglomerate of skills and equipment aimed at achieving targets quickly and safely.

The same operation is also possible for new business units within companies, which have a strong innovative character in new sectors.

A holistic approach at the crossroad between technical excellence, entrepreneurship and leadership

Since the beginning, we adopted a systematic approach to grasp any opportunity and turn it into a tangible, lasting advantage.

Starting from an idea, we scan the technological field looking for the most promising deployment strategies.

Then, we put them into act, gathering human resources, technologies, partnerships and everything that is needed.

It takes just a few months to have a brand new startup

We allow to establish the new start-up in 6 months from the date of first contact with Efesto. Within 9-12 months the unit is operational.

Full operation is typically achieved within 24 months, at which time Efesto’s support ends.

Your investment

The costs for a new start-up or business unit largely depend on the complexity of the activity and the possible need to acquire new plants and structures.

By drafting the business plan according to the Efesto method, we make sure to accurately evaluate the capital investments in order to minimise the investment risk.

Low complexity industrial start-ups require an investment of at least € 100,000 per year, in addition to compensation for our work.

Case studies

We create your start-up

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