Efesto contributes to the transition to a more innovative and sustainable society by facilitating progress in technology.


Efesto develops effective solutions for product and process innovation. It provides advanced R&D consultancy to guarantee you a competitive advantage over competitors.

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who we are

Efesto is an independent boutique of specialists engaged in the development of new technologies of industrial interest to accelerate product and process innovation.


what we do

We support product and process innovation in each stage of development, from conception and setting up to project conclusion.

In the preliminary phase we check the state of the art and research technologies of potential interest, critically highlighting the risks and opportunities of each option.

During the development phase, we assist in finding industrial and academic partners, we provide specialized advice through a wide network of researchers in Italy and abroad, and we verify the progress towards the objectives.

We support industries, start-ups and entrepreneurs to obtain the best economic return from their investments in innovation.

how we operate

Efesto adopts a flexible service model that adapts according to the size of the client company and the specific characteristics of the development project, selectively activating the parts of our offer that can create more value.

We carry out our services by ensuring that we always follow the three excellences that we have set as the cornerstones of our business idea, and which guarantee that we always create the greatest possible value for our clients: excellence in skills, excellence in timing and excellence in communications.


We propose a modern and agile research and development method, which aims to ensure the best return for every R&D investment.

We can boast to offer a unique service for its characteristics. Thanks to the combination of high-level technical expertise with the latest trends in project management, Efesto is able to range from extremely diverse technical sectors while maintaining a limited need for resources. This is thanks to the ability to find information of all kinds quickly and accurately, which minimizes any need for specialist advice.

Efesto: material solutions for innovative companies.


It is not possible to split the concept of innovation from that of sustainability.

Making innovation today has a nobler meaning than a few decades ago. If once innovating meant creating something that simply worked better, limiting attention to the product you were creating, today it is no longer the case. We are required to consider that all our actions have consequences on the environment much wider than those related to its mere use, and that these consequences can be serious enough to affect the climate, ecosystems, and our own civilization.

Efesto takes an act of serious responsibility in proposing itself as the promoter of an innovation that is not an end in itself, but committed to protecting the planet on which we live.

The Method with which we carry out our services is not only useful to improve existing technologies but also to effectively and harmoniously combine the needs of technological development with those of environmental preservation.



Thanks to our extensive network covering the entire field of materials technology


Minimized between taking charge, analysis and delivery of results


Continuous between us and the client in order to understand and satisfy in the best way every need


Renewable Energies - Solar

The energy transition to sustainability requires advanced materials with cutting-edge chemical and physical properties.

Renewable Energies - Hydrogen

Hydrogen as an energy source requires the development of innovative technological solutions for all phases of production, storage and consumption.

Degradation of pollutants

The protection of the environment also involves the treatment of toxic waste produced by man, whether gas, liquid or solid

Chemical Industry

Innovative surface treatments, materials and catalysts to improve the efficiency and sustainability of each process

Automotive industry

Study of alloys, composites, treatments, finishes, to take every element of the car beyond the current technological limits

Famaceutical sector

Low-impact pharmaceutical packaging materials research service in compliance with industry quality standards

Aerospace sector

Finding light and resistant materials for structural applications. Development of advanced solutions for storage and energy production


The use of plastic is increasingly under scrutiny. Efesto assists in finding materials in bioplastics, in full respect of sustainability


Aesthetics can also be innovated. There is not only the functionality: with the most advanced technology you can create objects with an extremely refined and exclusive look.


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